Hot off the heels of their successful 2018 record In Flickers, darkwave champions and Projekt Records mainstays Lycia have just announced a reissue of their 2015 record A Line That Connects.

This will mark the first time A Line That Connects will be available on vinyl, as its original run on Handmade Birds consisted of 500 CD copies have long since sold out, fetching incredibly high prices on the collector’s market. A Line That Connects was a striking step forward for the band, reuniting the core duo of Mike VanPortfleet and Tara Vanflower with original member David Galas, a partnership that continues to date. As such, the record takes strides in recapturing and rekindling the band’s legacy, and tracks such as “Silver Leaf,” “Bright Like Stars” and “The Fall Back” rank amongst Lycia’s strongest and most satisfying moments.

The Projekt-led reissue of A Line That Connects comes in a variety of formats, including a colored 2LP set (the first time this album appears on vinyl), as well as bundles that include a limited-edition t-shirt and a 4-CD box of their most recent works, two of which are only in print via this box. Preorders are currently live now on Projekt’s web site, with May 31st slated for release.

Click below for the full artwork and track listing for A Line That Connects:

Lycia- A Line That Connects

  1. The Fall Back
  2. Monday Is Here
  3. Silver Leaf
  4. A Trade Out
  5. Blue
  6. An Awakening
  7. The Rain
  8. Bright Like Stars
  9. The Light Room
  10. Illuminate
  11. A Ghost Ascends
  12. Hiraeth
  13. Autumn Moon
  14. The Only Way Through Is Out

Pre-order via Projekt Records webstore.

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