Los Angeles synth songstress Madeline Goldstein announces the release of a ghostly, lurching ballad: “Other World,” the enchanting title track from her forthcoming EP (out May 11th via à La Carte Records).

“Other World” is a continued exploration of the artist’s marriage of synth-drenched dark wave and spacious new wave iconography with its weaving, segmented drums, droning synths, and a soaring soprano delivery. The effervescent dirge revolves around the highly personal theme of Goldstein’s loneliness, taking cues from theatrical ballads from musicals and the most dramatic of 80s love songs. We hear elements of The Motels, Aimee Mann, and Tuxedomoon in this track, particularly in the sax outro that serves as a metaphor -and avatar – for crying. The song also carries a gorgeous dream pop vibe in the vein of Goldfrapp, Ladytron, Kate Bush, and Bat For Lashes.

“It’s about looking at the edge of your own desires but not being able to say what you really want,” Goldstein says. “It’s about not advocating for yourself and the spiral of self-doubt in love and creativity.”

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Madeline Goldstein (Fringe Class), breaks through the noise with a highly anticipated self-titled solo project. Founded after relocating to LA in 2019, Madeline has now self-released an experimental full-length album (Forget This, 2020) and their more recent single, “One More Day,” showcasing an ethereal dream-pop presence. Madeline Goldstein echoes the energies of new wave, dream-pop, and dark wave with emotion, showcasing the vocal range and passion of femme pop icons and 80s theatrics. With the help of producer Matia Simovich (SRSQ, , Riki, Body of Light), Goldstein has been working diligently behind the scenes to deliver a masterful collection of songs.


Photos by Sevin Mundo of Enshrine Productions

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