Cult 80s German post-punk outfit Days of Sorrow split decades ago, but a recent chance meeting led two of the band’s original members to reform and see where their creative path led next. Andre Schreiber (guitar, bass) and William Lennox (vox, keys) invited their old friend Frank Junge to join in on keyboards. They started experimenting, resulting in the creation of exciting new tracks produced by Lennox in his “Diggin’ For Gold” studio.

Firestar’s lyrics evoke the chaotic journey of one aiming for their dream on a difficult, melancholic path, but the track pulses with the rhythmic energy of pure determination.

After building up suspense for their latest video on their social media, the video for “Firestar” (from the new album ¨Soulmate Sister¨)  premiered earlier today – and what a video. At once a nod to the future of video production’s possibilities and a nostalgic look at old band footage, the blending and reimagining is, in short, a stunning feat. Directed by the creative team of Alvaro Donquiles and Silvia Pompieru, the enigmatic montage is a monochromatic phantasmagoria blending new-wave and futuristic details with AI. The result looks like a traditional rotoscope animation, forged in Uncanny Valley.

“Our video…is an audiovisual experiment done through the creative processing of the track and its lyrics using AI, fusioned with human flesh of a live performance by us,” the band explains. “It’s a journey toward hearts that bleed inside out for their darkest desires, set to a universal track leading to the state of nirvana!”

Watch the video for “Firestar” below:

Days of Sorrow will be releasing new tracks over the coming months, and they are preparing for upcoming shows. “Don’t sit and dream about it – join the wave, and see you on the dancefloor,” the band says.

Soulmate Sister is out now!

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