Seattle’s Ghost Fetish is a synth-fueled post-punk trio, whose dance-inducing live performances pull from new wave, synth-pop and goth. Their chill debut offering, “Lipstick,” is a hypnotic chant, channeling the nervous energy of Suicide’s vocals, with Kraftwerkian nuance and New Order sparkles. Its playful echoes and skips mimic the imagination. It’s gentle, catchy, and rife with emotional cliffhangers.

Desire can be both fleeting and persistent; a path that can be difficult to navigate and understand. Memories of a past lover or a missed opportunity can haunt us, while the unshakable sense of its inevitable return suggests that desire can be all-consuming and difficult to resist. The song conveys a sense of longing and passion, highlighting the complex and often unpredictable nature of desire and its relationship with the human experience.

“Lipstick follows the obscure path of desire,” says the band. “Stretched between the lingering impression of a touch lost to time, and the unshakable sense of its inevitable return.”

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Little is known about the band, but Ghost Fetish is currently working on their debut LP, due out in summer 2023.

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