Your voice still echoes in the crystals of caverns
your ashes speak aloud when no one is around
when we dream of you you’re glowing
you live in light for us now.

Ships In The Night has been creating dark dream pop and touring for the better part of a decade. Based in New York City, Alethea Leventhal‘s magnetic solo project pulls from dreams, memories and echoes of the outer world to paint an atmospheric landscape with sweeping waves of synths and kinetic beats. Ships In The Night has released a remix album and video for the song “Sun One.” Latent Powers, the album which originally features the track, was released in October 2021 by Cleopatra Records. Watch the video below:

“Sun One was written about a dear friend of mine who passed away from cancer a few years back. The song drifts between the time while he was dying in the hospital to the months after, when I was reflecting on life here without him. People seemed to respond to this song, which was a cool surprise since it’s more downtempo and less dancey than some of the other songs on the album. It’s always nice when something you care about so much seems to resonate with people. It also feels good to know that people can still discover a whole album and not just the first song or biggest single.

I got the idea to remix Sun One after listening to the vocal stem one time and imagining what else could exist underneath it. I wanted to hear multiple versions of the song, and collaborated with my friend’s project Deeper Down Below on two of the tracks. One of the mixes is faster and more driving, made to sound good in a club. Another is softer and more ambient. Another is full of low end, influenced by hip hop and trap beats. I feel like these different versions reflect some of the different facets of Ships In The Night. I had the opportunity to shoot the video for Sun One at a warehouse space in Brooklyn where you could see a beautiful view of the city. The concept for the video was simple- colorful, grainy visuals and dream-like motion over a performance of the song. The chorus of the song starts with “Your voice still echoes in the crystals of the caverns…” and I wanted the video to create a visualization of that.”

Sun One is available on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms.

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