Greetings from Delaware! Synthwave artist Echosoft, the project of writer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Nic Piser, announces the release of a new EP called “Weight of Your Own.” Fusing synth noodlings with industrial lite drum machines and the dreamy distortion of shoegaze, this collection of chill instrumentals begins with a gentle zephyr of nostalgic sound that hovers on the side of vapourwave, before launching into a post-punk vibe with Somebody Else and the album’s title track.

Though their sound bounces between a blissful day at the seaside and an exhilarating drive along the shoreline, Echosoft never really detours from the retro realm – we hear elements of early 2010s indie synth shining through, in the vein of Chromatics and Ladytron, as well as mid-80s synth pads that tug at the heartstrings.

“I began writing this album in early 2021 with the goal of pushing my ideas and creative boundaries,” Piser says. “It represents a very transitional time in my life, and is different than anything I’ve written before.”

You can hear the album below. With this link, you can also purchase Weight Of Your Own on vinyl and cassette in various editions.

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