If love is truth

This story’s ending ends with you

And I can’t wait to die by your side

Los Angeles post-punk darlings Deceits make their triumphant return with a new EP entitled Fate/Light.  This collection of two songs and their remixes takes heavy inspiration from The Cure, Sad Lovers & Giants, and The Chameleons, with their darkly romantic, melodic sound, weaving an atmosphere of contemplation.

The first track, “Fate,” is a New Wave-inspired love song that revolves around the concept of nudges from the universe when the chips are down. Paranoia can be your own worst enemy when you’re insecure in a relationship or about yourself – or you’re wondering about a ‘situationship’ that’s gone stagnant, but you’re sent consistent signs and synchronicities that your love is meant to be. Sometimes the walls are of our own building. The psychedelic guitar work and passionate vocals run through the lyrics, the intensity of romance working through the maelstrom of uncertainty.

Trying to find the light I was promised from the start/Reach close into the fire, just to fade and fall apart

“Guiding Light was written during a night where I was dealing with sleeping issues and contemplating my current place in life,” says Kevin “Puppy” Moreno. “The very next day we went into rehearsal with a majority of the lyrics completed, as they came to me during a dream where I imagined a younger version of myself from the third person perspective holding a candle and asking for guidance in finding meaning in my place in life.”

The protagonist of the song is searching for an answer; the refrain, “trying to find the light I was promised from the start,” hits us square in the heart chakra. This is a song about the grief period when something lovely and promising takes a nose dive – that resignation, that moment of clarity and mourning that comes with the realisation that this is no longer your path in life.

“Guiding Light was both depressing and enjoyable to write and create,” Moreno muses, noting that the song took heavy cues from The Danse Society and Soviet Soviet.

Listen below:

Deceits formed in late 2021 by best friends Kevin Moreno (Vocals, Bass, and Synth), Kevin Hernandez (Guitar and Synth), and Francisco Saenz (Drums). Heavily influenced by 17 Seconds/Faith/Pornography-era Cure, Asylum Party, and Human Tetris to name a few, Deceits create melancholic and danceable soundscapes that pays homage to the darker shade of 1980’s post-punk, while adding more modern elements of darkwave and the ethos and urgency of hardcore punk.

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