Italy’s La Dolce Vita formed in the 1980s around the music scene in Udine. Since its inception, the band actively participates in the post-punk wavelengths, and their latest track, “Sacrifice,” is an ode to the anguish that comes with an existential crisis.

This deeply personal and intimate song addresses the themes of sacrifice, the passage of time, the twilight of life, unrequited love, and the anguish of regret. What sacrifices have you made in your life that replay in your mind over and over? What could you have done better for yourself and your life? The concept of “sacrifice,” often venerated in religion and various cultures as synonymous with “selflessness,” can be devastating when you realize the true costs behind it. What, ultimately, is considered the most precious aspects of life?

“The mind does not accept it, it remains tied to the dream and does not recognize reality,” says the band. “The hunger for life still remains very strong…But, above all, unrequited love leads to a real incommunicability – thus becoming the greatest sacrifice. In the end, however, sacrifice also constitutes an overcoming of passions and what is material, allowing access to a purer and more spiritual form of existence.”

The video crew of Mold Records, under the direction of Sergio Cinghiale, took this concept and ran with it in a different direction: instead of a typical boy-girl interaction, they set the scene in a junkyard. An apt metaphor, certainly.

“The protagonist, called Punk Boy, is living in an unhappy situation: bad work, bad habits, solitude and frustration. He is not a real bad boy – he suffers the insults of life just like a big child. When he’s about to explode, he doesn’t get violent and doesn’t vent on others, but channels his passion through his guitar. (Probably his only friend). We think this is a good way to match with the sense of the song, but we are a little sad for the story we created, so maybe our Punk Boy will come back in some other video projects for having its redemption.”

We’re rooting for you, Punk Boy! Hang in there.

Watch the video for ‘Sacrifice” below:

LDV (La Dolce Vita) is an Italian band that was formed in the 80s around the music scene in Udine. The band has kept its spirit going since its origins and actively participates in the post-punk and darkwave music scene.

LDV is now working with Mold Records to release both the old and new music of the band, capturing that same old-school spirit but with a modern sensibility.

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