One day at a time
Is how I cope
with the agony

With the launch of new AI art technology in the past month, bringing with it an avalanche of controversy, fears, amusement and wonder, we find ourselves collectively at another cultural crossroads. Engineering Bureau explores this sea change on a personal level with the fascinating new song and compelling video for” Walk Into The Ocean.” With this, Engineering Bureau ruminates upon the human condition and how technology is changing our lives and behaviour in unexpected and profound ways.

Indeed, this second single from the band, “Walk Into The Ocean” is nihilistic but emotionally stunning, with sonic comparisons to Crystal Castles, NIN, Depeche Mode and Sisters of Mercy. The lyrics address the simple fear of failure. In the video, the self-absorbed, terrorized protagonist is trapped in his own psyche, coping with the fear of dying forgotten -as he slowly loses pieces of himself along the way. Tragically, entropy takes its inevitable toll, and he slowly disintegrates into the very ocean of pain he has spent his whole life trying to escape.

“Aesthetically, the video depicts the song as a desolate futuristic ritual in a barren landscape in which sits a solitary monolith,” says the band. “This plays out as a dark, psychedelic and beautiful feast for the eye, with an aesthetic reminiscent of early 70’s Alejandro Jodorowsky.”

Produced by Zahir Omar, this video was conceptualized and directed by prominent artist Art:Tech. The video also features a mesmerizing section of the footage created by Berlin-based AI artist Merzmensch Kosmopol.

Watch below:

Following the video premiere will be the debut of a digital art piece by AsyncArt in collaboration with motion designer Simon Russell whose work you may have seen in Black Mirror and His Dark Materials.

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