London post-punk act Vincent Christ is back, hallelujah, along with a snowballing notoriety for art rock irreverence…garnering a cult following. and a few disciples, if you will.

The swaggering “Mirrors For Thieves”, with Christ’s gravelly lead, is backed with a hushed whisper call-and-response. The sexy, smokin’ bass line anchors the song, bringing to mind a more gothic-flavoured INXS, coupled with The Damned, Talking Heads, and The Gun Club. This track is catchy as hell with its cyclical post-punk vibe and detached cool. You can almost imagine these guys gracing the stage of CBGBs in 1979, they embody the post-punk sound so authentically and with such grace.

“This is an introduction to a live sound,” says Vincent Christ. “I release a lot, but this time around I’m out to prove we can do it live! The upcoming EP also has a more positive sound than my previous work, which I think comes through in the video.”

The analogue VHS-style video clip, directed by Rocy, documents a mesmerizing performance by the band, showcasing their collective energy….and looking trés cool, to boot.

Watch these smooth gents croon below:

Originally involved in hip-hop production, Vincent gravitated to working with instruments and playing, arranging and recording himself, developing sharp and shimmering guitar tones and a bellowing baritone. This year he has already released an album, ‘Truant‘, an EP called ‘Kil St. Clare‘ and numerous singles. ‘Mirrors For Thieves‘ is the first song off an EP coming on the 15th of January, called ‘Galore.’

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