Glorious Australian artist Lord Fascinator has but one question to put forth to you: “Do you want gold?”

In our best Matt Berry voices, the answer is a resounding, “Yesss.”

This trippy new track, “Do You Want Gold?”, brims with Middle Eastern grooves, Madchester vibes, and psychedelic imagery. It opens with a sample from Alejandro Jodorowsky and burrows into our hearts for the winter. Bringing to mind the Chemical Brothers, Orbital, and Regurgitator, Lord Fascinator also bestows upon us one of the most bizarre videos of the year.

Directed by – in His words – His Magnificence, Lord Fascinator plays with the absurdity of dogma through urban exploration, accompanied by his Fascintologist God clones. A statement on the frivolous concept of deities, the video is equal parts sacrilegious and ridiculous. We see Our Lord make his presence known around Los Angeles, making a pit stop at the Scientology centre – after getting rejected by The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, no less – and sounding the trumpets of Jericho at the Hollywood Sign.

Watch the video for “Do You Want Gold” below:

Lord Fascinator first came to the attention of Out Of Orbit founder, Alain de Saracho, after watching a semi-viral video of him making out with their mutual Egyptian friend, Kamel. The intrigue was too much to resist, so Alain decided to come out to his next LA show at Val Kilmer’s art gallery. Impressed by his antics, Alain proposed he release an EP for Out Of Orbit.  The track is supported by an energetic and funky remix by Warbly Jets.

Aren’t we all gods? Perhaps Lord Lizard has the answer. Either way, to quote our distinguish Belgian EBM Brethren, “Hey Poor, you don’t have to be poor anymore. Jesus is here!”

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