Pedal Partners is a collective comprised of three people: Becca, her twin sister Paige, and Luca. The trio are dedicated to contributing to and educating about the culture of shoegaze in a variety of ways: original music, guitar gear demos, alternative genre documentaries, and even making custom guitar gear specially crafted for the genre.

Partnering with Simon Scott of Slowdive, the twins of the ethereal, magical “abstract in sound” mix dreamy, distorted guitar tracks with effervescent sparkly vocals and psychedelic delays – a beautiful auric hallucination sparked by the moment of connection between souls. The angelic choir drifts smooth as silk over bluesy guitar licks, as if straddling points in time. This is the kind of music you hear during an astral vacation, naturally compared to Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, and Tame Impala. Bliss.

Violet Oscillation is the musings of Luca. Born and raised in the Thames Valley, the home of the original shoegaze scene, the genre is in Luca’s blood. Inspired by a wide breadth of influences, including the writings of Hubert Selby Jr, David Lynch, and the music of Ulrika Spacek, Preoccupations, and Mogwai. Their debut single, “a nation of pilots,” is out now through Pedal Partners. A mix of echoing voices, staticky synth arpeggios and eerie pads interrupt the flow of delayed guitar and ghostly female voices. This is the sonic equivalent of diving into an altered state of meditation and allowing the spirits to move your heart through the flow state.

The video is an abstract, psychedelic montage of gorgeous imagery interspersed with their trippy sound, seemingly coming from another dimension. Moments from nature, technological code, and glitchy performance make this appear to be EVP transmissions from the spirit world.

For those interested in the shoegaze way, Pedal Partners also created an oscillating fuzz pedal – the Violet Oscillation Shoegaze Fuzz. Watch it in action below:

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