Jeremy Raskin, a music producer and graphic designer based in Los Angeles, is the mastermind behind the project Vijunns, which kicks off 2022 with a brand new single entitled “Apex”. Blending elements of electronica, indie, ambient and experimental music, Vijunns takes listeners on auditory journeys into sublimity. Tycho, Teen Daze, and Boards of Canada are immediate comparisons, with elements of Moby, RJD2 and Brian Eno for good measure.

The moody instrumental weaves an exquisite tapestry of atmospheric synthesizers and lively, powerful drums. This is the kind of music that invokes a journey, be it by car or by introspection. Raskin describes writing this single as “A cathartic release from the intensity of the political and social climate a lot of us have been  feeling these past couple of years.”  

Apex is the first new original music from Vijunns since his April 2021 EP, Liminal, on his audio/visual imprint Hyperreal Projects. As a graphic designer, Raskin moulds visual narratives around the music through live visuals, album art, and art prints to create a complete audio/visual experience.  Liminal builds on the foundations of Vijunns while also exploring new terrain. 

“When I finished Liminal, I felt like I had reached the end of the road of the ideas and sounds I wanted to explore when I first started this project,” he says. “However, I was determined to produce music that still honed my aesthetic, but was distinctively different from my previous releases…It’s also the furthest I’ve ventured sonically into the rock territory.”

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