Swollen tongues

Eyes pretend

Red mistakes

Marks that stay

London-based post-punk duo Monochromatic Visions explores the process of untethering the past to evolve and reform into a better version of one’s self in their new single, Lost.

Juxtaposing dark compositions with luminous songwriting, Monochromatic Visions has embraced a combination sound of shoegaze with new wave inflections. Utilizing reverb, strong basslines, minimalistic vocals, and circular repetition, the track weaves a visceral nostalgia in its overall oeuvre. We hear echoes of Suicide, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure, The Soft Moon, S.C.U.M, The Horrors, and Joy Division.

Although difficult to see, the Monochomatic Visions stay true to their name with their very red lyric video for the track. If you unfocus your eyes, you can discern moving figures in the background above the tiny lyrics. The effect is dreamlike, ethereal, and feels like a distant memory you can’t quite recall.

Watch the video for “Lost” below”

Written and recorded in East London, the record was produced in Brooklyn, New York by Jared Artaud (of The Vacant Lots) and mixed alongside Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Ted Young (Kurt Vile, The Rolling Stones, Sonic Youth) who also mastered it.

The duo, consisting of South African-born, Athens-raised Arthur Pegis and Italian-born Thomas Bagnoli, formed in 2014. Their early bedroom productions, initially released quietly on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, steadily garnered streams and fans in the DYI scene.

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