Every night and day
You’re driving me crazy
When I see your hips sway
Come slide over here
Let’s dance underneath the moonlight

Seattle cyberpunk band 2Libras (aka Wesley Foster Rogers and Jewels Foster Rogers) delivers a postmodern homage to the early 90s with their latest album, “World’s End.” Intense, emotional, and danceable, their signature dark, synthy beats, melodic guitars, and vocal harmonies fuse industrial, dark electro, synthwave/synthpop, and rock.

The band’s lyrics delve into the impact of technology, big data, and social media on our global society, highlighting the effects on interpersonal relationships and our collective outlook. With their unique sound and lyrical themes, 2Libras offers a darkly thought-provoking perspective on the intersection of technology and humanity.

“We created an AI child from the pieces of ourselves that we preferred the most,” they say about the album. “We made it immune to death and out of love it found a way to keep us from dying also. For some time, we were content in our prison of silicon. Eventually we started questioning everything, including a way to escape. The ghosts in the machine told us a way. Will we make it out before the World’s End?”

The album is full of futuristic synthpop ripped from the headlines – the refrain of the wistful synth-soaked opener Infected, “it’s in all of us,” sets the scene for an album tailor-made for the 2020s. Into The Sun takes a dark turn, lamenting the loss of hopes for a brighter future. “Heart On”, The song innocently professes someone’s feelings the only way it knows how, using tantalizing imagery for those with their minds…elsewhere. It’s coy, playful, and hot as hell.

Although the sonic emotions splay out all over the dancefloor, from cautious euphoria to raw despair, World’s End serves as an authentic mirror reflecting the zeitgeist.

World’s End is out now. Listen below, and order here.

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