Orange County, CA based industrial, noise-pop vocalist Chv.Volk takes us on an emotional and dark journey through all sorts of traumas, guided by industrial rhythms and noise-pop.  The Art of Being Hurt examines the struggle of working through self-harm, self-healing, and, ultimately, self-rediscovery. The painfully honest, raw, and highly personal collection of songs delves through the entire gamut of emotional voices associated with this process. We hear some late 90s trip-hop stylings of Carl Stephenson/Forest For The Trees, the experimentations of early Beck, and the energy of Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy, but mixed with elements of Nine Inch Nails and Songs of Faith And Devotion-era Depeche Mode.

Art of Being Hurt is a soundtrack to the dark night of the soul, a spiritual concept referring to a period of intense inner turmoil and crisis that often occurs on the path towards enlightenment or more profound spiritual awakening. This process of spiritual transformation allows the individual to confront their inner demons and overcome their deepest fears and doubts, ultimately leading to greater self-awareness, growth, and enlightenment.

Opening with the angelic voices urging one to “Pray You Dig Yourself Out,” it launches into the psychedelic chant “Omens”, bringing to mind the classic Soft Machine tune “Why Are We Sleeping?” The industrial elements kick in with air raid sirens, and Laibach-esque stomp beats with “Fire and Brimstone,” distorted vocals lambasting the soul with an angry intervention. “Mercury” is an internal dialogue, trying in vain to justify their actions with a list of excuses. “Sacred” is the song of surrender, despair, and realization that one has indeed become a sacrificial lamb to one’s own dark actions.

The entire process of healing unravels through Chv.Volk’s intense poetry and genre-defying soundscapes throughout the album, released via Virtual Paradise Music.

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