Greek darkwave band Reflection Black, the studio project of mastermind Elis Alex (Ravencult, Nigredo) has announced the release of their new full-length album: Last Stop to Nowhere, in collaboration with Swiss Dark Nights.

Originating from the urban landscapes of Athens, Greece. Reflection Black updates the goth genre into the dark, mystical atmosphere of the 21st century by layering synths and intertwining them with intricate guitars and melodic vocal hooks. The band draws from The Sisters of Mercy, Midnight Oil, and The Mission, but also brings to mind the modern vibes of She Past Away, Drab Majesty, and Twin Tribes…and, true to Alex’s metal past, elements of early Metallica can also be heard at intervals. Last Stop to Nowhere showcases the full potential of the band’s songwriting skills with eight distinct tracks of diversely melodic and innovative goth/post-punk.

The album title summarizes the essence of the lyrical themes explored throughout the entire record, which encompasses “a sense of mental and spiritual escapism with the questioning of current realities of all forms,” Alex explains. “By exploring the concepts of sleep, death, dreams and the occult in the album’s lyrics, spiritual elevation and degradation can be seen as two sides of the same coin leading to a state of non-existence, the last stop to nowhere.

The album opens with “Post Sleep Trauma,” -which features catchy riffs and a surprising saxophone solo with a darkened Surf Rock mood. Lead single “No Stars In The Sky” is a classic, contagious Post-Punk tune, but with the lyrical content about the black forces of entropy shutting down the light of existence, reaching almost Black Metal territory. Towards the end of the album, “Yet Unseen Colours,” tells the tale of escaping the cold senses through dreamy images, accompanied by a dark, low-tempo, post-punk ballad enriched with synth elements and elegant fills. The result is dark, fast, and polished, striking the perfect balance between dreamy synth lines, crystalline guitars, and infectious vocal hooks.

Yet Unseen Colours serves as an anthemic interlude and an introduction to the following track of the album but it is by no means a filler track,” says Alex. “It is the most emotionally intense track…talking about the exploration of alternate sensory realities through dreams, and the escape from the dull reality of everyday senses.”

Listen to the album below:

Produced by George Emmanuel (Lucifer’s Child, Rotting Christ) of Pentagram Studio, Last Stop To Nowhere is dark, fast and polished, bringing a boundary-pushing approach to the table. The future awaits for even more of their visions from the blackest depths of the other side of the mirror.

Reflection Black released the debut 3-track EP “Entering Dreamtime” in May 2022 through Razorbleed Productions.

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