“When you’re alone at night at the graveyard by the full moon

That’s when you should come forth and call me by my name”

Greece’s Reflection Black, the studio project of mastermind Elis Alex, announces a searing darkwave debut, “Entering Dreamtime” (in alliance with Razorbleed Productions).

With this effort, Reflection Black updates the goth genre into the dark, mystical atmosphere of the 21st century by layering synths and intertwining them with intricate guitars and melodic vocal hooks.  This is complemented by the production of George Emmanuel (Lucifer’s Child, Rotting Christ) of Pentagram Studio. The band draws from The Sisters of Mercy and The Mission,  bringing in mind the modern sound of present acts She Past Away, Drab Majesty, and Twin Tribes.

“I am excited to share with the world a first taste of the very personal musical vision of Reflection Black that has been cultivated for quite some time,” says Alex. “Expect cutting-edge goth/post-punk that combines several elements of this diverse genre in what I consider to be its most modern version.”

The EP contains three tracks: “Call My Name”, “Let The Spirit,” and a searing true-to-form cover of “I Ran (So Far Away)” by A Flock of Seagulls. Both original tracks are pure Halloween goth, with Alex’s passionate vocals driving the murky forces of synth and guitar. You’re placed right in the cemetery on a Samhain full moon.

Watch the videos for ‘Call My Name” and “Let The Spirit” below:

Elis Alex has been sculpting Reflection Black in the urban landscapes of Athens, Greece since 2019. Alex’s black metal past (Ravencult, Nigredo) fuses well with the darkwave sound.

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Entering Dreamtime is out now in alliance with Razorbleed Productions for a special edition CD format limited to only 100 copies.

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Photography by Spyros Kalivas.

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