Latvian outit ANAIT, a post-punk band from Riga, announces the debut of their striking, atmospheric song “Tears In My Blood,” which the group hails as “an unofficial anthem of all the doomers.”

Mixing a melancholy motive with a compelling dance rhythm makes the composition ambiguous, engaging – and even ironic. The gorgeous female vocals and echoing male vocals intertwine dreamily over a synth track and soaring guitars, evoking a soundscape of sorrow and grief that you can easily groove to at a club. Shake off that gloom!

“Post-punk is like a state of mind, says the vocalist of ANAIT. “Honestly, every word that you hear in our tracks is a  part of me, a part of my soul. We want to share that intense intimacy with our listeners.” Fans from foreign countries interpret the lyrics in different ways, but the overall feeling of general malaise transcends human language.

Listen below:

The band, which formed a year and a half ago, is actively developing their sound. So far, they have released several EPs, as well as individual singles.  The band’s songs were even used in a computer game. 

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