Relax… and accept it.

The NYC-based Facets, who runs the Samo Records label, has announced the release of his debut EP, Impulse. Out today on Dischi Autunno (Curses, Pablo Bozzi, Infravision), the EP is made for the sweaty confines of the dancefloor’s fog-filled spaces—ones that flicker with strobes and neon lights, alight from the energy of the crowd. With a direct influence from the 1980s Belgian new beat movement, the EP flirts with additional flavors of Italo-disco and freestyle, all overtop the decidedly EBM bassline movements, the EP’s grooves are dangerously addictive as it twists and turns through moody atmospheres.

Facets is known for  his DJ ready edits of classic new beat and proto-techno tracks, it’s the obvious next step that he produce his own work. Impulse is an exciting first offering from Facets as an arsenal of reimagined underground club tracks that are fresh but, at the same time, remain familiar as a tribute to past dance movements. The four-track EP will keep you on your feet—and, hell, even The Hacker loves it.

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