As the second single to Michael Zodorozny’s debut LP, Other Side, “14th Street Union Square Station” is a study in mechanical dance. The track is an instrumental one—unlike the first single, “Constant” from earlier this year, that featured Zodorozny’s distinctive vocals—and is rife with gritty analog sounds and quirky accents that build and combust. Much in the manner of Zodorozny’s raucous and experimental synthpunk band that began in the late 1970s, Crash Course in Science, “14th Street Union Square Station” charges at the speed of light and barrels through white noise.

“The sensory impressions of the station served as stepping off point for the track, as well as how the mind can create pictures during repetition,” says Zodorozny about the song. And the music video reflects his statement: designed by Zodorozny himself, he got the help of Robert Powers to assist him in the animation—the result is a vortex of colors and images that pass by on a fast-speeding train.

Watch the video below:

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