Experimental indie post-punk ensemble Viscula was formed in Lutsk, Ukraine in 2002. Currently based in London, the band has played extensively around the world.

Their instrumental album IVreleased in December of this year, was recorded by four musicians who played organic parts without any overlays: only drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards. Sounding like a cross between a moody 70s b-movie, surf rock, REM, The Smiths, and Khruangbin, their sound defies genre. Occasional Moog noodlings, flutes, tasty bass lines, and psychedelic elements pepper their music, weaving together a strikingly postmodern sound. Where Khruangbin draws elements from Thai influence and California surf culture, Viscula is solidly Eastern European – and yet, there are striking similarities to their eclectic approach.

The album featured legendary bassist Alexander Titov (Kino, Aquarium). The mix and mastering was done by George Shilling (Blur, Primal Scream). The artwork for the album ‘IV’ was created by the well-known British collage artist Tom Hodgkinson who created artworks for bands such as Keane and Archive. The album ‘IV’ released via London Indie label Alien Milk Records.

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