Philadelphia Darkwave Act Night Sins came on to the scene with its first two albums New Grave, and From To London Or The Lake, a decade ago. With their release in 2012, and 2013, a dark post-punk sound was revived—one that conjured the distinctive atmosphere found those old-school goth club nights swarmed with a cavalcade of boots on a fog-drenched dancefloor, where the DJ spins classic bands like Clan of Xymox, Killing Joke, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and Bauhaus.

The project is led by musician Kyle Kimball, who plays drums for the popular band Nothing. With his last release with Night Sins, Portrait in Silver, Kimball showcased his sonic versatility by switching gears to unadulterated dark synth-pop and EBM, sounding like old-school Nitzer Ebb and Black Celebration era Depeche Mode”. Kimball, under the guise of Night Sins, also featured recently on the Deathsomnia track “Katabasis”.

Now, in celebration of the project’s 10th anniversary, Born Losers Records is repressing Night Sins’ goth-tinged first two albums on a limited-run cassette.

Listen to “The Eternal Giver” From 2012’s New Grave:

Listen to “To London Or The Lake”, the title track from the Night Sins’ 2013second studio album:

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