Through the genre’s origins through Throbbing Gristle and Coil, Industrial music is often steeped in occult and esoteric traditions. With Los Angeles project HAEX, these arcane European roots are fused with the sounds of caustic American and German industrial to create an anima animus of dark atmospheric intensity.

The sonic rituals of HAEX are led by Adam V. Jones and Sarah Graves (Baby Magick). The pair, after releasing several singles since their formation in 2016, and performing at festivals such as Terminus and Coldwaves, have finally released their debut LP Aethyr Abyss Void.

Leading up to the release of the album, the band unveiled earlier this month a phenomenal cyber-punk-inspired video for the soul-hacking and visceral track “Cursebreaker”, directed by Phil Mohr.

Watch below:

The rest of the album, bookended by the invocations “Divine Feminine”, and “Divine Masculine”, is seductive and sinister descent into the psyche through pulsing and rhythmic metal-tinged Industrial Rock, seamlessly including the 2016 single “Daggers” as a hypnotic interlude that compliments some of the more introspectively intense tracks on the album, such as “Bloodtoll”, and “Sex Magick”, that lean more towards the work of Sleazy and John Balance while merging these sounds with that of, for example, Till Lindermann and his aural wrecking crew.

Listen to Λethyr Λbyss Void, below:

Λethyr Λbyss Void is out now.

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