Some things will never last

Some things were made to break like glass

London-based duo Monochromatic Visions have announced the release of their video for “Sabre”, the first single from their forthcoming new album REFORM.

Contrasting tenebrous lyrics with radiant composition, Monochromatic Visions weave a dreamlike thread through their music, fusing the styles of indie, shoegaze, and post-punk, with noise pop accents. The result ranges from the insular to the majestic with their reverie of reverb, riffs, and repetition, bringing forth a mood and atmosphere reminiscent of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Asylum Party, Little Nemo, and The Cure…topped off with a Joy Division-style commentary on a precarious state of existence.

“Sabre” reflects the uncertainty and despair of the current era, as supply chains, the environment, the pandemic, career situations, and general malaise swallow the collective in a whirlpool of darkness. Despite the dreamy, echoing soundscape of the shoegaze vibe, the lyrics straddle the veil between pure gloom and acceptance that there is a guiding light. Sometimes we mess up, but there are points of optimism to cling to when the chips are down. Its central theme explores the process of untethering from the past to evolve and reform into a better version of the Self.

The accompanying video for the track is an abstract succession of nebulous shapes and colours, adding to the vibe of the track as well as reflecting that near-constant state of anxiety and migraine we’ve all endured since 2020.

Watch the video for “Sabre” below:

Written and recorded in East London, Monochromatic Vision’s new album Reform was produced in Brooklyn, New York by Jared Artaud (of The Vacant Lots) and mixed alongside Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Ted Young (Kurt Vile, The Rolling Stones, Sonic Youth) who also mastered it.

Monochromatic Visions was first conceived in 2014 by world citizen Arthur Pegis who solely wrote, produced, and recorded the project’s early releases. He was later joined by Thomas Bagnoli, and Monochromatic Visions went on to support acts such as Tonstartssbandht (with Mac De Marco’s guitarist Andy White) and spiritual psychedelic rockers TAU.

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