Dark synth-rock duo, Black Hall (Tanner Dean and Errol Kern), encompasses a unique multi-layered combination of post-punk, psych-rock, and Italo Disco.

Their self-titled EP starts off with a very Lynchian vibe in “Entrance” if he had collaborated with Moroder and threw in a pinch of prog rock vibes for a strange concoction. The creepy voice whispers, “now it’s dark,” enveloping us in uncertainty and a smidgen of fear…and the blues guitars take us straight into Badalamenti territory. DED (Dead End Drive) exudes dreamy, cool sophistication as it laments the end of a relationship. “No Vision” bumps into a darkwave frequency, with an ominous bassline and sweeping synths, perfect for a night drive with sinister undertones. The nightmarish “Pure Gold” has a drolly whispered spoken word element, bringing to mind early synth experiments in the vein of John Foxx.

Overall, the EP from these Long Beach, CA dwellers is an eerie collection of cinematic, atmospheric songwriting, perfect for the spooky season.

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