Feeney Vix is the formidable duo of vocalist/producer, Jenn Vix, and Feeney, of Boston, who have teamed up to create compelling post-punk music pulling from their storied backgrounds with luminaries of the music scene.

Their new single, “Dummies,” is a caustic banger about the corruption in the US Senate, SCOTUS, “and the former orange menace,” they declare.  In the vein of Killing Joke, tamer Dead Kennedys, and Fad Gadget, this track is barefacedly political with a tongue-in-cheek scope. As Feeney raps over an old-school post-punk guitar and bassline, Vix jumps in there with her angelic backing vocals.

In the accompanying DIY video, the two run around the city: Feeney finding soapboxes to pontificate and Vix playing the media hamster wheel. It’s delightfully silly, with a very serious underlying message.

Watch the video for “Dummies” below:

The track was mastered by multiple Grammy nominee, Chris Gehringer, of Sterling Sound. Dummies is available on all streaming sites on the 1st of November, 2022. Their upcoming self-titled EP is scheduled for release in late January of 2023.

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Jenn Vix has previously collaborated with legendary band members from the late David Bowie, The Cure, and many more. Her solo catalogue spans three full-length albums, three EPs, and several singles. Feeney has played in several bands, and also as a solo artist, in Boston, MA. He studied guitar with Roger Miller; formerly of Mission of Burma.

Feeney Vix’s debut EP, “ORANGE is the color of OUR DISCONTENT,” was released back in October 2020.

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