Comiti is a Texas-based audio and visual experiment, on a mission to explore different shades of ambience…and the aggression in between. As ‘Luminous and Sparkling’ progresses through its two-song offering of glowing synths and pounding drums, it traverses between darkwave pop and EBM with ease.

The music on this two-track single is unforgiving and contemporary, evoking deja vu and feelings of melancholy. The chaotic undertones reach a pinnacle in “For the Feeling,” as the rhythmic synths and drum patterns pummel you in the chest into a state of near-nausea.

“Individual expression has never been more alive, but the echoes obscure the vapid nature of culture’s efforts,” says Comiti. The artist conveys tension through a combination of melody and strained vocals that critique this era’s digital darkness. Finely tuned passages echo what many recognize is at play in their own lives when they look outward at the creation of art, content, and vanity.

Watch the video below that melds a desolate Texas landscape, stagnant mannequins, and the lights of a disorienting packed club:

Luminous and Sparkling’ will be released on lathe cut vinyl on November 17th, 2022, via Comiti’s own US imprint and Wave Tension Records in Europe.

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