City lights unfading

Shaped by the shadows of the night

I am barely breathing

Wish I could fix your damaged heart

Today, Violentene has unfurled a new glorious new single: “Break The Silence.” With this dazzling new track, vocalist MvriJo spins a cautionary tale of escape, freedom, self-worth –  and ultimately creating a connection with another as the silent walls between two humans are broken. The track is out now on the Otherworld EP via Digital Zen.

Sounding like The Human League melded with Ladytron and Vince Clarke-era Depeche Mode, this fast-paced dancefloor banger is made for dizzying connection, preferably with the spinning of a mirrorball above like a sprig of mistletoe.

Listen to ‘Break the Silence” below:

The title “Otherworld” describes the emotions and dreamy surrealism that have taken shape within the music and the forces that influenced it in the creative process of the last two years. Vocalist MvriJo wraps her unique vocal sweetness over Roland M’s beats. Violentene has moved on from prior chill/shoegaze sounds while keeping the aesthetic of previous EP’s “Phantom Youth” and “Denial.” Alongside the announcement of the new release, the band has released two singles/videos – “Delusions” and “September Falls.”

Roland M. started Violentene in 2017 as a desire to reconnect with early ambient/dream pop musings he began with Venus Swirls in the late 90s. That project led to electro outfit Liquified, releasing two successful and acclaimed CDs and much chart success, as well as a label deal with World Domination Records. 

After a short DJ stint, Roland moved on to the indie-new wave foursome Politique who released two albums, many a sold-out show, and a Canadian mini tour during 2008-2012. In 2017, Roland collaborated with NYC singer Dani Mari (Primitive Heart) and produced and released two EPs: “Denial” and “Phantom Youth,” both gaining a strong underground following with the shoegaze-dream pop crowd.

Mvrijo has been singing since her teens and has fronted popular Canadian indie rock and pop acts. Mvrijo and Roland connected locally in Ottawa in late 2019, with the focus being able to play live finally and work locally and so began work on the Otherworld EP quickly – her inclusion into Violentene has been the perfect missing piece, fulfilling the vision the duo has embarked upon.

Otherworld is available on all streaming services, such as Bandcamp, plus digital, and physical CD versions. 

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