Commonly referred to as “false dawn,” the natural phenomena of zodiacal light occurs when the last vestiges of triangular white light reflecting off the cosmic dust begin to dissipate from darkness as daylight ascends. But what happens before dawn, stays before dawn. Reaper On Red’s single “The Zodiac Lights” sonically mirrors that syndrome in all the unexpected ways.

Comprised of Robert Cherry and Carla Cherry, Reaper On Red’s moments of shadows and light are best measured by how smudged and/or cracked the psychic prism is through which you’re viewing them.

“We’re living through a dark time of great uncertainty,” says Robert Cherry. “The Zodiac Lights is a cautionary tale about seeking concrete answers in ambiguous systems or depending on others for your sense of self worth. Both can create false hope that leads you to an even darker place.”

A distillation of dark psychedelia, concise post-punk and electronic flux, the band’s music transcends (and defies) genres, but take inspiration from Love and Rockets, Jesus and Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and The KVB.

“A listen to The Zodiac Lights might feel like waking every morning in a different place, from New York to Nepal, Iceland to oblivion,” quips the band. “Maybe it’s a 45-minute elevator ride in either direction. Mind movies your therapist is afraid to discuss with you? Whatever.”

The video, directed by Patrick Miller, is a gorgeous study of the band performing in moody duo-chrome.

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The Zodiac Lights album is out now via Requisite Recordings. Limited-edition 180-gram vinyl will be available in Spring 2023, with 100 foil-stamped numbered copies currently available for pre-order.

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Reaper On Red’s new album, The Zodiac Lights, is out now on vinyl.

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