Pentagrams of blood painted on the walls

Satanic worship to scare them all

He’s got an appetite for death

Can you smell the foul stench of his breath?

Haunt Me is the music project and brainchild of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Darius Davila. The band’s sound can best be described as an eclectic blend of alternative, spanning all flavours of post-punk, deathrock, and goth. We hear elements of The Cure, The Drums, Hers, The Strokes, Beach Fossils, and Interpol in their unique fusion.

Their latest offering, Don’t Fall Asleep, focuses on the world of true crime. The album opens with a news clip describing a notorious serial killer called The Night Stalker. The ensuing song, Night Prowler, is an ominous warning to protect yourself from this nefarious figure. This fast paced number sets the stage for the rest of the album, followed by the spooky Joy Division-esque guitars and bass of Slow Dancing With Death. Necromancer moves into Cure territory, peppered with an icy synth arpeggio introducing a creepy, disembodied echo. Halloween (Killing Time) moves further into Arpeggio Land…and perhaps takes us into the sociopathic mind of the aforementioned killer himself. Black Dahlia Flower refers to the gruesome, unsolved murder of 1940s starlet Elizabeth Short, who was found cut in half with a “Glasgow Smile” carved into her mouth. Finally, Don’t Close Your Eyes is a warning to those about to drift into the astral realm…for the nightmare is real.

The disturbing lyrics hit hard, particularly for those averse to true crime stories, but in the vein of traditional English folk lyrics…they serve a purpose, and tell a fascinating narrative. (Maybe it’s time you invest in a deadbolt, though.)

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