The simplistic beauty of Berlin-based Marco Van Basten & The Castles’ track, “A Different World Around Me” feels like a timeout from the fast pace of everyday life. With it’s tender synth line, it’s lush with the embrace of jangly post-punk guitars as they pirouette around the duetted vocals of Marco Van Basten and Rachel Thomas. The song is part Mazzy Star in its kaleidoscope of subdued details—all important and charming, but none need to take the spotlight—with elements of contemporaries, such as Korine, with their pop-based song structures.

“A Different World Around Me” music video, directed by Evan Buggle, is a tender moment, an ode to the nostalgia that washes over when you’ve returned to a place that once meant so much. The video’s fuzzy film and shots of water, bridges and the sun over the bright snow reflect the song’s sentimental essence. Watch below:

As the newest release on Berlin’s She Lost Kontrol label, Marco Van Basten’s demos turned into reality with the 3-track release, The Castles, out tomorrow, October 20th.

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