Bustié, based in Brooklyn, New York, is a dark electro project masterminded by Angie Padilla (aka Pogo Pope) and Maxwell Henderson of BATHHØUSE. Bustié craft a sound of socially conscious dance music that they coin as “anarcho body music.” Their latest effort, Design The Desire, is a sinister Kundalini-heavy banger heavily influenced by 80’s electro, UK punk, and Janet Jackson’s classic Rhythm Nation 1814. Hether Fortune (Wax Idols) appears on lead vocals for the track, in a detached-yet-powerful spoken word performance. The effect sounds like a long-lost Ministry track melded with Cabaret Voltaire.

The song, originally written several years ago, emerged after Padilla returned home from a six-week US tour. Taking inspiration from the beauty and creativity of the queer folk encountered on her travels, this song is a love letter to the awakening these amazing souls unleashed.

Design The Desire was written to celebrate the fluidity of gender, sex and expression,” says Padilla. “The song is a spell to awaken the goddess within and embrace our true selves and desires….I am releasing the track on my birthday to initiate a new period of my life and celebrate what has ended.”

Happy birthday indeed! Bustié are performing at St Vitus on the 18th of October with Linea Aspera and Bootblacks, to celebrate the release of the song.

Listen below:

Bustié has headlined stages and festivals such as DTLA PROUD, sCUM, Substance,  Manufactured, Luna Negra, Adverse Fest and played with acts such as HIDE, Void Visions, Actors, Plack Blague, Head Wound City, and Xiu Xiu. Their debut album Birds of Paradise was released in June of 2019.

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