Two amazing Industrial/Techno producers have teamed up on a new Synth-Punk project Aktion Mutante. The duo, comprised of Violet Poison and Unhuman, deliver on their promise ‘80s minimal-wave melancholic vibes’ with new school EBM/ Cyber-Punk noise cuts, creating music to listen to while reading the works of Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, and Richard K. Morgan.

Manos (Unhuman) and Francesco (Violet Poison) met at Berlin Electronic music party Liber Null’s “Duality” event in 2015, where the two artists immediately clicked. Later the pair would head to Italy to record at Francesco’s Studio during the winter of 2016, leading to the completion of a six track mini-LP recorded between Pisa and Berlin.

Listen to 12″ “Aktion Mutante” below, with the closing track featuring the otherworldly talents of Zanias.

Aktion Mutante is out now via She Lost Kontrol

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  1.  Aktion Mutante
  2. Rotazione
  3. Controllare il Sistema
  4. Decades
  5. The Path
  6. Internal Problem feat. Zanias

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