[dropcap]Last[/dropcap] month The Brvtalist premiered the music video for Intervention, the hypnotic first single off of Melbourne-based underground techno producer Elsabeth Dixon’s album LP1—out now on Trait Records and Instruments of Discipline.

Post-Punk.com is now streaming the full album above. Our favorite track is Technique of Self as is—Bunker Music’saptly describing it as  “pairing a significantly punchy kick with crisp hats and a swirling vocal sample, Dixon creates a head-nodding belter”.


“I was always into post-punk, industrial, drone, noise—I guess (stuff like) Coil, Einsturzende Neubauten and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I went to and worked in lots of clubs when I was younger, but I was never really into the music. Then I lived in Germany for a year and, when I went to the clubs there, I realised that music was what I wanted to hear.” –Read a full interview at LIFE IS NOISE

Pick up 1 of 100 Clockwork Orange editions of the LP—or black vinyl Here



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