[dropcap]London[/dropcap] based post-punk duo The Agnes Circle are a musical project consisting of Florian Voytek on Vocals & Guitar & Rachael Redfern on Bass.  The band was formed in March of 2015 after LA native Florian arrived in London in 2015 via Brooklyn:

“We connected immediately—Rachael and I met through sharing mutual interests in art, film, literature and music. We had been in touch via email before I arrived in London.”

Following the atmosphere displayed earlier on their debut EP Modern Idea—Florian and Rachael draw further on elements of English post-punk and French cold wave—showcasing a mastery of “Touching Pop” that would sit well at home on a Lively Arts compilation in their premiere the track Martial Love.

Martial Love is off of their first full length album Some Vague Desire—which features eight new songs that combine edged guitars with lush and driven bass lines tin a sound that fits on a playlist with Asylum Party, Little Nemo, and Baroque Bordello.

Some Vague Desire is out November 16 on LP, CD and digital through Avant! Records

Pre-order here

The Agnes Circle will have their record launch party with Avant! artists Qual and Drift,  on November 19th at The Shacklewell Arms in London.




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