[dropcap]James[/dropcap] Ruskin, co-founder of the label The London-based Blueprint Records, and UK Techno veteran Karl O’Connor, a.k.a. Regis, have done remix of a Ø [Phase] track through their O/V/R project.

The source track is from UK based techno producer Ø [Phase]’s 2015 album Alone in Time?—the second LP from Ashley Burchett’s project in a remarkable line of releases on Belgian imprint Token Records since 2007.

Ø [Phase] released his debut Module Overload on Steve Bicknell’s imprint Lost / Cosmic Records back in 2000—followed by productions for London’s Surface / inceptive Records and Ben Sims’ Ingoma. Ø [Phase] started gaining worldwide recognition when he started working with Token in 2007 with releases such as 2012’s Binary Opposition single and subsequent Reprocessed remix package. In 2013 he finally released his first full-length album, Frames of Reference.

Ø [Phase] has remixed Robert Hood, Peter Van Hoesen & Mark Broom, and support from Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock have led to regular appearances at Berghain in Berlin.


The remix of the track we are premiering today—R-Mash—is featured on the record Token65, which is a retrospective tribute to Token’s flagship artist’s LP Alone in Time?—offering remixes of two of its tracks from the 2015 LP.

The O/V/R remix of R-Mash is an anxious tension—pulsing through it’s anti-harmonious percussion that ultimately sounds like it came from the corridors and cubicles of an interstellar bureaucracy.

Token65 is out October 7th, 2016





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