On October 8th, 1981, Factory Records released the posthumous compilation album Still from Joy Division—a band that ceased to exist nearly 17 months prior when frontman Ian Curtis took his own life

Still consists of previously released non album tracks, such as “Glass” from the A Factory Sample compilation or “Dead Souls” from the “Licht Und Blindheit” (“Atmosphere”) single, and —and unreleased studio material such as “Ice Age”, “The Sound of Music”, “Something Must Break”, “Walked in Line”, “Exercise One”, “The Only Mistake”, and “The Kill”.  

The compilation also includes a live recording of Joy Division’s last concert, performed at Birmingham University—which is best quality recording of three of the next planned Joy Division single “Ceremony”, which was later recorded and released as a single by the band’s next incarnation—New Order

The concert also features a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray”—where at the end Ian Curtis exclaims “You should hear our version of Louie Louie“—to which sadly no recorded version seems to exist.


  1. Exercise One
  2. Ice Age
  3. Sound of Music
  4. Glass
  5. The Only Mistake
  6. Walked in Line
  7. The Kill
  8. Something Must Break
  9. Dead Souls
  10. Sister Ray [Live]
  11. Ceremony [Live]
  12. Shadowplay [Live]
  13. Means to an End [Live]
  14. Passover [Live]
  15. New Dawn Fades [Live]
  16. Transmission [Live]
  17. Disorder [Live]
  18. Isolation [Live]
  19. Decades [Live]


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