“Cast” is the third and final single unveiled, from Philadelphia duo Korine before their second album, The Night We Raise, is let loose into the world this September 4th. Both lead singer Morgy Ramone and multi-instrumentalist Trey Frye have already released “Cold Heart” and “Fate” leading up to the release of the highly anticipated follow up to their 2018’s debut, New Arrangements.

The video for the new single “Cast” is a melange of color, words, images, and of course, divine sounds. Ramone, says of the concept:

We worked with visual artist M.O. Guzman to create the video. I wanted it to represent how memories appear in the mind. It’s not all orderly and neat–there’s things scattered everywhere kind of melting together and decaying all at once. Things become more vague after moving further away with each moment. Sometimes we hone in on the bad things that have happened–sometimes the good, and sometimes neither. Kind of like remembering some sort of mundane event for years and years.”

Watch the mind-altering for video for “Cast” below:

Keeping the undeniable Korine synth hooks firmly in place, which “Cast” Frye has enriched the sound, making it much thicker by featuring the bass far up-front. The song in some ways can be considered as the title track of the album, as the chorus calls this out it its refrain. Lyrically, Ramone pulls at the heartstrings and snips them asunder with lines like, “I just wanted to make you mine. Just to feel what it’s like to be liked.”

The Night We Raise will be available on vinyl and cassette from Born Losers Records (US) and Data Airlines (FR). Other Voices Records in Russia (RU) will be exclusively handling the CD. You can pre-order your copies here.



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