Chicago post-punk collective Oddysseys have summoned a Lynchian dreamscape with their video for “Breathe With Me”, a mesmerizing sound and vision overlaid with crooning vocals and the surreal and hazy strumming of a vox phantom guitar.

As the band describes it: “Breathe With Me depicts the line between euphoria and fear that can be experienced in dreams, as they interplay with our projections and memories rooted in reality.”

Watch the video for “Breathe With Me” below:

Oddysseys shot the well-produced video for “Breathe With Me” utilizing the same ethos as they record and distribute their music, and promote their shows—100% DIY, with nothing but the aid of their talented friends and community.

The film was conceptualized, produced, co-directed, and then edited over two days in their garage

The clip was shot as part of a series in November between legs of their Odd Behavior East and West Coast tour, and it was completed in March, along with a number of other videos that will accompany each of the nine tracks on the album.

“Breathe With Me” is featured on 2019’s Odd Behavior LP.

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Meanwhile, the band’s next single “Body Heat” will be streaming everywhere August 28th

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