Ever considered taking up palmistry? Killjoy & the Cutthroats thought you might. While the band’s new DEMO EP is streaming on Spotify, purchasing the track on Bandcamp comes with a fun surprise: an exclusive PDF download of the sheet music for the final track, Golah, including an entire unrecorded first movement.

Golah, which means “exile” in Hebrew, also uses a palmistry guide to indicate how the cellist ought to play their cello as a percussive instrument. The track embraces a more amorphous, orchestral flow, with touches of Southern Gothic – a departure from the post-punk influenced beats of the previous tracks. To make matters even more interesting, the track was recently shared on Instagram by David Lynch.

“I figured, people are having to stay at home and can’t go out for live music, why not let people perform or record that track themselves, make it interactive as much as possible in the absence of live shows,” says Killjoy. “And so many people just stream music, I think those who are willing to shell out a few bucks to support the arts deserve a little extra!”

Killjoy is also taking the party over to TikTok, where fans can also discuss its use by attempting to steal the “#ghostdancechallenge” hashtag from PAC Baby. No love lost there:
“Why is theirs called the ‘ghost dance challenge?’ They have no ghosts, their mood is not dark, it makes no sense. So fuck ’em, it’s ours now. It makes more sense with us. We’re stealing the hashtag, and alt TikTok and goth TikTok have been using it for their own, more macabre videos.”
Ghost Dancers, you know what to do. In the meantime, check out some the splendid offerings from Killjoy and the Cutthroats and manifest your destiny.

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