Kansas City psych sextet Monta At Odds has unveiled an exquisite new interpretation of their song “Hands Trace The Miles (Transglobal Mix)”. This new version of the track follows their 2021 album, Peak Of Eternal Light, and is the second single featured on a forthcoming companion remix and rarity album.

Synthetic moments battle organic vocals and passionate trance with this version of “Hands Trace the Miles”, transporting the minds of listeners and questioning the meaning of boundaries and ownership in a new age. Its frenetic electronic beat is designed to pulse with the organic pumps of the heart, as guitars swirl in and out of the mix. It’s a heady mix of traditional and futurism, a glorious symphony of the old and the new; a human side to the ghost in the machine.

Mikal Shapiro’s ethereal chanted vocals float above the din, a ghostly voice explaining the history of earth’s imagined boundaries. With technology it is edging closer to a global community, that hopefully will wipe away distrust and greed.

“The song balances the push-pull of our current love affair with technology and our desire to stay in touch with our organic world,” says the band.

The song will make your body move and challenge your mental perspective, touching the mood of your body and soul.

Listen to the “Hands Trace The Miles (Transglobal Mix)” below:

Twenty years after the formation of Monta At Odds, brothers Dedric and Delaney Moore have held down the fort as their sound and lineup evolved; collaborating with numerous fellow travelers and taking cues from Italian cinema, the avant-garde, and psychedelic disco-funk.

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