Guitar hero Johnny Marr has unveiled the video for his whirling Post-Punk infused single “The Bright Parade”—one of the best things he has done since leaving The Smiths.

Following the synth-laden pub song Armatopia, “The Bright Parade” is the Mancunian fretboard maestro’s second single released this year—in the wake of last year’s acclaimed Call The Cometalbum and its subsequent tour.

“The Bright Parade” is the perfect mixture of almost Gothic Rock like basslines and guitars, amongst Mary Chain-Esque like vocals which swell brightly as the verse progresses.

The video is directed by Marr and Mat Bancroft, shot by Sitcom Soldiers, and stylized in a manner which evokes the black and white imagery of French New Wave Cinema,

Of the song and video, Marr explains:

“This song is a commentary on a celebrity. The video’s narrative follows me and a friend pursued by an agent of the underworld coming to collect a debt after we traded our souls for fame.”

Watch the video below:

Speaking of post-punk, Marr recently told NME that he might collaborate with New Order’s Bernard Sumner again:

“I think me and Bernard [Sumner, New Order/Joy Division] will probably do something again in the future, Maybe I’d like to rope Stephen Morris in at some point. Stephen’s always been one of my favourite musicians – not just because he’s from Manchester, but no one’s ever managed to play like him, before or since. Also, I really rate Gillian too. So maybe I’ll just join New Order… on bass.”

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