We can’t recommend enough you that give yourself a moment to listen to Zürich based post-punk act Thymian, the solo project of artist Josip Tijan, which released a video for the track “Provider” this summer.

“Provider” has a simple yet fantastically video atmospherically shot in the woods among fog and trees, where our protagonist dances fervently to the pointed guitar melodies that overlay a galloping bassline and bellowing baritone, while cold synths swam like cicadas amongst the canopy of leaves.

Watch the video below:

“Provider” is just one of four tracks featured on the project’s self-titled debut EP, including the fantastic “Modern Fantasy”. One can’t help but compare Josip Tijan’s vocals to And Also The Trees’ Simon Jones, yet the synth-laden rhythms and resonate guitars here are driven by melody first and foremost, such as on the track “Composure”.

The EP’s closing track is an interesting one, as “Telescope” could be compared to Scottish post-punk act Lowlife, with traces of Depeche Mode, and Motorama, but all three comparisons fall short. Better to listen for yourself. We think you may very well like it.
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