A new remix of the Textbeak, Mark Stewart & Vaselyne industrial-leaning song, “Information Medicine” has been made by the Chicago industrial artist Jeremiah Meece of VALIS (and who has also produced the likes of Multiple Man, TWINS, and Mykki Blanco). The song, originally from Textbeak’s 2018 LP Sick for Songs a Season Eats, is a special collaboration between Mark Stewart who formed the seminal post-punk band The Pop Group in 1977, Textbeak, and two members of the band Vaselyne, Frank Weyzig (who was the original guitarist for Clan of Xymox during the 4AD years) and Yvette Winkler. Meece’s remix reanimates the track with a lightness and an irresistible grooving bassline. Look for the release on the remix album SICK 4 RMXS A SEASON E10 in late 2020, available digitally through Cleopatra Records, on cassette via Clan Destine Records, and on vinyl from Hexx 9 Records.

The music video is a collaborative work between Mark Stewart and Peter Harris under the name BOMBART. Watercolour portraits are done by Harris and Stewart and animation by Llyr Williams.

Follow Textbeak’s Bandcamp page for updates on the release later this year.

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