Australian post-punk duo Death Bells share their video for  ‘”A Different Kind of Happy”, a track celebrating small moments of ‘bliss and pure satisfaction.’ The song appears on the duo’s forthcoming album New Signs of Life, due 25th September via Dais Records.

The song’s freeing, gossamer guitars, inspired by The Cleaners From Venus, elevate the track with heavenly melodies and heartfelt vocals that affirm the lyrics: “Despite the uncertainty of life, I wouldn’t give, I wouldn’t give up.” The track is described as honoring those fleeting moments of inner peace and serenity, and with its warm jangly pop melodies that give way to the touching use of saxophone as the song’s peak, the promise of a warm and shimmering mood is certainly achieved.

The band explains the track:

“This song conveys a feeling of bliss. It was written last year – there were a couple of fleeting moments where everything felt like it was in it’s right place. It was awesome. Obviously times are different now but we still have a lot to be thankful for, and our optimism remains intact.”

Watch the video below:

Death Bells is the longtime musical collaboration between Canning and Veselis, who formed the project back in 2015 during the waning years of their adolescence in Sydney, Australia.

Following the releases of their debut E.P, much-loved first album, and seven-inch single on Funeral Party Records and their 2019 single on Metropolitan Indian, Death Bells, pared down to their creative core, made the permanent move 7,000 miles away to Los Angeles, California in 2018.

Engineered and mixed with the keen ear of Colin Knight at Paradise Studios throughout mid-to-late 2019 New Signs of Life sees Death Bells expand their sonic palette and dynamic range across nine new exquisite songs, the culmination of the scope of experience their lives have been through over the past 3 years.

New Signs of Life is due out on the 25th of September via Dais Records.

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