In February 2020, five friends begin to work on the drafts of a dozen songs. Then, lockdown happened. During the chaos and isolation of the pandemic, the Italian quintet still managed to find inspiration and the necessary time and space to concentrate on creating a pile of new material comprising what would become Nails, the debut five-song EP of God In A Black Suit.

In May 2021 they finally entered the studio, releasing “You Don’t Have Time” as their first single in July. The single was recorded at Labsonic Studio, and mixed and mastered at Arbvel Studio, both in Matera.

The band cites the obvious post-punk, new wave, and darkwave sounds as their main influences, but they are also heavily inspired by krautrock, shoegaze, and indie rock…with their own twist. You can hear elements of Bauhaus, Pixies, Slowdive, and early Siouxsie in their raw guitar sound and rollicking drums, but each track has its own leitmotif of strange sonic effects and interesting vocal direction.

Each track also has its own personality and flavour, yet remains tied together with the spirit of the band.  The band is fronted by emotive vocalist Matteo Demma; Annalisa Laterza plays bass, Bruno Pantone plays guitar, Gianluca Natrella backs the outfit on drums; and tying it all together is Pietro De Ruggieri on synth and keys.

The track “You Don’t Have Time” is accompanied by an enigmatic, chaotic black and white video, directed by Kiana Tajammol, which richly illustrates the frenetic nature of the sinister track as well as the strife of life under lockdown, political unrest, and general malaise of the common collective.

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An excellent first peek at what to expect from their forthcoming full length album.

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