Conceived in Dayton Ohio, TV Queens is a three-piece that draws heavy inspiration from a foundation of the 80’s New Wave, infused with their personal twist. Darryl Robbins writes and creates the initial tracks consisting of synths and samples, while Nathan Peters and Maria Dixon add their words and melodies.

TV Queens’ latest single, Too Cruel The Thunder, is a meditation on release from modern anxieties.

“We continue the unavoidable theme of trying to find redemption in the thought of the future potentially being better after having gone through such an awful stretch of time peppered with anxiety and paranoia,” the band muses.

The plaintive synth backing motif and unusual key changes are reminiscent of the Songs From The Big Chair-era Tears For Fears, but the catchy boy/girl call-and-response hook moves into straight-up Prince territory via The Human League, dragging along elements of Bowie, TV On The Radio, Thompson Twins, and Heaven 17. The track evokes a melancholic nostalgia for the promise of a brighter world, bouncing between deep regret and drowned optimism.

Among countless other music projects, Darryl (Motel Beds) made his mark engineering bands in the Dayton area, working with the likes of Guided By Voices and Kelley Deal along the way. Nathan Peters (Lioness) fronted early 2000’s favorites, Captain of Industry, along with Lioness bandmate Maria Dixon.

TV Queens intend on releasing mostly singles via Overthought Musik for the foreseeable future, promising more where this comes from.

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