Holdgervlar are best described as “synthesized beings, flesh turned into binary, turned into electricity. Once a body, now an avatar of an avatar.”

The project started out as a pair of Icelandic post-goths doing the standard darkwave musical duo routine, but has now mutated into a creature feature performance group. Their first single, Eiturveitur, was their first exploration far into this new territory, later building a bridge back with the rest of their first LP, Gervihold, which is set to release on the 10th of September.

Eiturveitur can be translated as a mechanism spreading poison around a system, be it in a body or nature as a whole. The video depicts Holdgervlar, a cyborg sideshow ensemble, mimicking human behaviour and movement as well as they can with the perceptive information they have collected at that point in time. The synthetic beings dream of experiencing birth, love, death and everything else in between, so they repeatedly act out the ideas they have of these concepts.

Holdgervlar are the first signed band of Icelandic underground label MYRKFÆLNI. MYRKFÆLNI was founded in 2017 by Sólveig Matthildur, synth player and producer of Kælan Mikla and Kinnat Sóley, graphic designer at MERCH BABE.

With a goal to make the Icelandic underground music scene more visible to the rest of the world, MYRKFÆLNI publishes a magazine and accompanying compilation tapes. The natural next step was to form a label to further promote the scene. Along with the release of Gervihold, MYRKFÆLNI are set to release the fourth installment of their magazine in August.

The eerie, ethereal Eiturveitur is out today.

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