Blurry Nights

Anxiety and Stress

You say it reminds you of

An abandoned garden

The Black Comedies, a Greek post-punk/synth band hailing from Thessaloniki, releases their first single. The song is called Δρόμοι, which means “Streets” in Greek. The melancholy, wistful track, sung in their native language, is dripping with metaphor – failed dreams buried deep in an untended garden of mental unrest. With some similarities to Molchat Doma, Ploho, and She Past Away, The Black Comedies look to the streets of their own city during a time of global unrest for inspiration.

The song also comes with a moody, black and white cinema verité-style music video filmed by Pedram Voss and edited by the Vinyl Team, which features captions depicting the English translation of the lyrics. A solid debut from a promising outfit, the single is being released via Vinyl Records.

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